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Re: User rw Permissions on New Hard Drive

David Wright wrote:

> I prefer to populate fstab with canonical information 
> that actually belongs to the filesystems that are to be mounted. 

  I don't understand what you're saying here.

  Does a disk label not belong to a filesystem
  that is to be mounted ?

> A filesystem  that has a label, 
> has that label regardless of any OS. 
> It's real, defined in the filesystem's documentation.
> All that stuff in /dev/disk/ is just an ephemeral 
> bunch of convenient symbolic links, presumably conjured 
> up by udev or somesuch, if not the linux kernel

  But are they not accurate after boot
  for particular disks on a particular machine ?

> I'm not clear about which other sort of label
> might be referenced by LABEL=

  I'm not either but if I use /dev/disk/by-label
  I  think  I know what sort  that  is .... :)

Stanley C. Kitching
Human Being
Phoenix, Arizona