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Re: User rw Permissions on New Hard Drive

Cousin Stanley composed on 2019-03-07 07:11 (UTC-0700):

>   To label the disk partitions check the  man  pages
>   for the following labeling options ....
>    $ ls -1 /sbin | grep label
>    dosfslabel
>    e2label
>    exfatlabel
>    fatlabel
>    ntfslabel
>    swaplabel

>   The  e2label  program is effective for  ext  partitions.

That list leaves out tune2fs, which can not only change label, but also UUID, which typically needs
changing at the same time when cloning is involved.

>   To list the disk labels .... 

>   $ ls -Ahl /dev/disk/by-label

blkid works too.

Plus: as Michael Stone wrote: LABEL=, both in fstab and grub.cfg.
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