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Re: Help with video editing with ffmpeg

I guess my question was too specific. I'll try asking directly on
ffmpeg mailing list.

Il giorno dom 3 mar 2019 alle ore 18:16 Gerardo Ballabio
<gerardo.ballabio@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
> Hello all,
> I have a video that was filmed under bad lighting conditions, the
> background is too bright and people in the foreground are dark. I'm
> trying to use ffmpeg to correct it. Please kindly help me.
> Here you can find a snippet:
> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1aG04znyHdDio7cvgaQlovYTb8bX8NTLL?usp=sharing
> video1.mts is the original file. video2.mp4 was created by a friend of
> mine using proprietary software on Windows. I've been trying to
> reproduce that. video3.mts is the best result I obtained (see below)
> but the contrast is still too high and the colors aren't quite right.
> I've tried several of ffmpeg's effects but maybe there are some better
> ones that I missed?
> - "eq=brightness=..." turns black into grey and gives the video a
> "foggy" look, no good
> - "colorlevels=..." I tried many parameter sets but couldn't do much
> better, in the end I concluded that probably linear scaling isn't good
> enough and I need nonlinear
> - "curves=..." was indeed better but when I stretched the curve beyond
> a certain point I obtained distorted colors
> - I tried "geq=..." too but it doesn't seem to work, I always get an
> error like this:
> ffmpeg -i video1.mts -vf geq='r=r(X,Y):g=g(X,Y):b=b(X,Y)' video3.mts
> [Parsed_geq_0 @ 0x55a01bb0aa60] [Eval @ 0x7ffd3d63afb0] Missing ')' or
> too many args in 'r(X'
> [AVFilterGraph @ 0x55a01bb09e80] Error initializing filter 'geq' with
> args 'r=r(X'
> Error opening filters!
> These are the commands that I used to produce video3.mts:
> ffmpeg -i video1.mts -vf colorlevels=romax=0.8:gomax=1.0:bomax=0.9 -b
> 12M temp.mts
> ffmpeg -i temp.mts -vf curves=r='0/0.05 0.1/0.25 1/0.8':g='0/0.05
> 0.1/0.25 1/0.8':b='0/0.05 0.1/0.25 1/0.8' -b 12M video3.mts
> Thanks
> Gerardo