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Re: Laptop still extremely slow after replacing msata ssd and putting old one back

On 06/03/2019 02.04, Jimmy Johnson wrote:
> hdv@gmail wrote:
>> On 05/03/2019 04.28, Paul Ezvan wrote:
>>> Le 04/03/2019 à 13:32, deloptes a écrit :
>>>> double check - I had similar observation when trying to setup USB stick boot
>>>> for a notebook - it's a company property, so not supposed to do that ;-)
>>>> Well turned out that I had to modify few bios settings to see the usb
>>>> working at acceptable speed. First I was thinking the one stick was a
>>>> problem, but after observing the same with a second one I looked at the
>>>> bios and it did it.
>>>> regards
>>> What does "top" show when your menu takes a long time to load? What is the CPU
>>> temp? Maybe you accidentaly touched the cooling system while replacing the SSD?
>> What I forgot to mention (sloppy, sorry for that) is that the slowness already
>> happens at "grub" time. I presume that rules out trouble with my DE (KDE/Plasma)
>> or systemd or something like that.
>> I am thinking hardware trouble too. Not only because the trouble start before
>> the kernel and DE gets loaded, but also because it happens with two different
>> SSDs. It happens with the new one with a freshly installed system, and with the
>> old one that I never had any trouble with before this and that hasn't been
>> changed (by me that is). In both cases the slowness begins immediately after
>> boot. Possibly after the BIOS has run, but definitely before the kernel gets
>> loaded or otherwise during the earliest stages of loading it.
>> Thanks for the pointer to the cooling. I will check that.
>> Grx HdV
> Is the bios still showing all the installed ram, are there any test you can run
> from the bios...

Yep. All memory is detected. I ran the diagnostics utility of the BIOS and it
found no errors. You'd think that a hardware failure would be detected. ..

However, after that I dismantled the whole machine. I pulled out every connector
and reseated it. I cleaned up all parts (as far as that was possible). And then
ran the BIOS diagnostics again. Still no warnings. Then I rebooted the laptop.
Lo and behold, everything is fine again!

To be honest I still don't know what was wrong. But I am glad I can use this
laptop again for now. This machine is 7 years old, maybe I should start thinking
of buying a new one. I have had my eye on another Thinkpad (the P1) for some
time now. Maybe it is time to bite the bullet...

Thanks all for thinking with me!

Grx HdV