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Re: Bug#922270: kmail - "Name" column in message window can not made smaller

Hi Sandro, 

great! This did the trick. I deleted the line beginning with "Headerstate" and 
everything is working fine again. 

However, I knew, that the entry must have been in kmail2rc, but I could not 
really understand the values in this line. I can only confirm what you said:
not really readable by humans! 

Thank you for very much your solution. 

This bugreport can safely be closed.

To all helpers: Thank you very much for your efforts!

Best regards

> Well it working for me. The setting is inside .config/kmail2rc:
> [CollectionFolderView]
> HeaderState
> HozizonalScroll
> VericalScroll
> deleting those three keys should trigger kmail ti preset them with default
> values. Unfortunatelly HeaderState is not really readable by humans, this is
> some Qt interal dump.
> hefee

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