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Re: Keyboard and touchpad not working after waking up from a suspension

On 3/3/19, Carl Fink <carlf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Also, just now I had the "ignore keyboard, won't return from monitor sleep"
> issue. I was in the middle of something, so when pressing a key did
> nothing I
> walked away and came back a few minutes later ... and NOW the keyboard
> did unsleep the monitor. What the?

Just reread this AGAIN...

Walking away... that would give it time to mess around with things
swapping between swap and [physical memory] (per my "man free" just
now). I personally keep coming back to that aspect of it every time
this comes up..

And now there's that fairly recent thread where the author mentioned
something about wrong UUIDs relative to something like initramfs. THAT
one would be that the system freaks for a bit because it can't find
that accidentally wrong UUID to help it recover full function.
Sometimes it might be able to fudge its way out by defaulting to
something else live in the system. Other times, it might just... bail,
totally give up which would cause a need for reboot.

You know.... I can't remember the message and scouring various logs
isn't finding it, but there's one that keeps popping up right now
while I've got a major swap-mess going on. The message is about giving
up trying to resume when I'm *_rebooting_* via power off button after
a swap-involved fail that causes lockout/lockdown.

Am mentioning it now because it takes the system a minute or so to
give up... just like how long it takes for things to (sometimes)
successfully recover when returning from hibernation (and friends)
related issues.

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

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