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Re: Laptop still extremely slow after replacing msata ssd and putting old one back

On 04.03.2019 19:40, hdv@gmail wrote:
On 04/03/2019 15.36, Ric Moore wrote:
On 3/4/19 9:19 AM, hdv@gmail wrote:
ame day, no old image was used.
Right, but if you didn't use a "clean install" more than likely an old
configuration might be at fault. I don't have an SSD but during the install
process, wouldn't that drive be re-formatted?? Trouble shooting with a shotgun. Ric

Maybe, but that would only account for the trouble with the new SSD. As I wrote,
the old SSD was never changed at all. Nor was the BIOS. The system ran fine
before I took that SSD out. You'd expect the system to run fine when putting it
back in.

Grx HdV

Unless you didn't performed a reboot in a long time or\and used hibernation.
I'm just throwing suggestions blindly, because things could go wrong in many ways if poking inside laptop case is involved.

Do you have another drive installed in this laptop in tray caddy, perhaps, or in second drive slot if it is available?
How much RAM your laptop have? Does it all detected by BIOS\OS?
It is possible you have damaged some passive parts around SATA connector during drive swap procedures. Inspect that location with magnifying glass for possible damage to small SMD elements and inspect SATA connector itself for possible cracks in solder joints.
If everything is ok, it wouldn't hurt to insert and remove drive into SATA connector multiple times just to ensure all contact pads in connector have a good contact.
Also show us SMART information for both SSD drives:
    $ sudo smartctl --all /dev/sda

With kindest regards, Alexander.

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