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Re: Laptop still extremely slow after replacing msata ssd and putting old one back

On 3/4/19 7:04 AM, hdv@gmail wrote:
> Hi all,
> The mSATA SSD in my Thinkpad W530 was getting full,. So I tried to replace it
> with a new larger one (Samsung EVO 860).  I knew about the mSATA II vs III issue
> and the BIOS AHCI setting. What I didn't expect was the laptop to slow down to a
> crawl. To illustrate: even opening de start menu is so slow that you have to
> wait for the panel to show for about 10 seconds. Like this the machine is
> completely unusable. I expected not to be able to run the new SSD at full speed
> (max 3 GB/s on the port in this machine), but this is crazy.
> It gets even crazier. Placing the old SSD back in the slot resulted in the same
> slow speeds as with the new SSD in. Not the old speeds. Before this experiment
> the laptop was just fine. It was quick enough, the storage was just getting
> filled up.
> Can anyone give me some pointers on how to diagnose or maybe even fix this?
> ...

Boot from live media; reset BIOS to defaults; check for W530 BIOS
update; SSD firmware update; ...

Sarunas Burdulis
Systems Administrator, Dartmouth Mathematics

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