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Re: Laptop still extremely slow after replacing msata ssd and putting old one back

On 04.03.2019 17:04, hdv@gmail wrote:
Hi all,

The mSATA SSD in my Thinkpad W530 was getting full,. So I tried to replace it
with a new larger one (Samsung EVO 860).  I knew about the mSATA II vs III issue
and the BIOS AHCI setting. What I didn't expect was the laptop to slow down to a
crawl. To illustrate: even opening de start menu is so slow that you have to
wait for the panel to show for about 10 seconds. Like this the machine is
completely unusable. I expected not to be able to run the new SSD at full speed
(max 3 GB/s on the port in this machine), but this is crazy.

It gets even crazier. Placing the old SSD back in the slot resulted in the same
slow speeds as with the new SSD in. Not the old speeds. Before this experiment
the laptop was just fine. It was quick enough, the storage was just getting
filled up.

Can anyone give me some pointers on how to diagnose or maybe even fix this?
Running hdparm doesn't make me any wiser (timed cache read value is about 1.1
GB/s). Google didn't point me to anything I could use either. I would be very
glad to just get the old speeds back, let alone to get the new disk running at
somewhat adequate speeds on a mSATA II port).

Thanks in advance.

Grx HdV

With symptoms like these it could be something else, to blame.
When you installed a new SSD, did you reinstalled the OS completely, or somehow transfered\migrated it from an old SSD?
These slowdowns (open start menu) are temporary and happen sporadically, or they happen every time you click on the start menu?
Did you look for any interesting error\warning messages in syslog or in xsession log?
Do you use LVM with snapshots?
What filesystems do you use?
Show us your /etc/fstab
Also, tell us more about your system, is it stable branch, what kernel version, what DE you are using, etc.

With kindest regards, Alexander.

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