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Re: Keyboard and touchpad not working after waking up from a suspension

On Sun, 03 Mar 2019 19:34:14 +0800
ksqsf <i@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Recently, I upgraded to Debian Buster (since it's going to release
> soon), and generally it's an enjoyable experience. However, from time
> to time, my laptop's keyboard and touchpad won't work after waking up
> from suspension (open the lip). It's embarassing that I can't do any
> work in front of others.
> I've tried xinput to enable and disable input devices, but no luck.
> Next, I tried `cat /dev/input/eventX`, `cat /dev/input/mouseX`, and
> there is output when I tap the touchpad, or press some keys, which
> implies that the drivers are working correctly.
> I have absolutely zero experience in debugging such a problem, so I
> have to turn to the mailing list for help. Could someone please suggest
> me a direction for finding the root cause and a fix? Thank you!
> Laptop: Dell Inspiron 7368
> Desktop: GNOME 3.30

I had basically the same problem years ago after install Wheezy (32-bit)
-- the current Stable then -- with the Gnome GUI on an Asus Eeepc 901
netbook.  To make a long story short, I discovered a conflict between
the Power Saving software and the Gnome Screensaver.  So, I disabled
the screensaver.  Never had the problem again. Later, I made sure the
screensaver didn't load at all.  Really, you don't need it, if your
power saving is set to turn off screen.

Also, since Buster is still an Alpha, expect more glitches.