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Re: Keyboard and touchpad not working after waking up from a suspension

On Sun, 03 Mar 2019 19:34:14 +0800
ksqsf <i@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi all,
>Recently, I upgraded to Debian Buster (since it's going to release
>soon), and generally it's an enjoyable experience. However, from time
>to time, my laptop's keyboard and touchpad won't work after waking up
>from suspension (open the lip). It's embarassing that I can't do any
>work in front of others.
>I've tried xinput to enable and disable input devices, but no luck.
>Next, I tried `cat /dev/input/eventX`, `cat /dev/input/mouseX`, and
>there is output when I tap the touchpad, or press some keys, which
>implies that the drivers are working correctly.
>I have absolutely zero experience in debugging such a problem, so I
>have to turn to the mailing list for help. Could someone please suggest
>me a direction for finding the root cause and a fix? Thank you!
>Laptop: Dell Inspiron 7368
>Desktop: GNOME 3.30

I have found the screen won't wake after sleeping, which makes it
appear the keyboard and mouse are not working. Switching to a virtual
console and back makes it all work again. I simply hit Ctl+Alt+F4, wait
a second, and hit Alt+F7. 

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