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Keyboard and touchpad not working after waking up from a suspension

Hi all,

Recently, I upgraded to Debian Buster (since it's going to release
soon), and generally it's an enjoyable experience. However, from time
to time, my laptop's keyboard and touchpad won't work after waking up
from suspension (open the lip). It's embarassing that I can't do any
work in front of others.

I've tried xinput to enable and disable input devices, but no luck.
Next, I tried `cat /dev/input/eventX`, `cat /dev/input/mouseX`, and
there is output when I tap the touchpad, or press some keys, which
implies that the drivers are working correctly.

I have absolutely zero experience in debugging such a problem, so I
have to turn to the mailing list for help. Could someone please suggest
me a direction for finding the root cause and a fix? Thank you!

Laptop: Dell Inspiron 7368
Desktop: GNOME 3.30