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Re: ntp-client does not sync with server

Stefan K wrote:

> Hi John,
> yes there are synced, if I run 'ntpdate timeserv.domain.ag' they syncd
> everything fine, if I start ntp-server after 2-3Days I've an delay of few
> seconds. Maybe I schould ask on the ntp-mailing list?!
> best regards
> Stefan

I have a similar problem. In a closed environment I have to sync time from
ntp server and I get stratum 16. ntpdate reports OK and syncs the time.
other machine that have to sync with our ntp receive also stratum 16. If I
tell our server that it has stratum 9 all other machines can sync with our
ntp server, but this is not what we want. So why would ntp server get
stratum 16?