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Re: Screen resolution during Stretch installation

On 3/1/19 4:20 PM, Fabiano Ferronato wrote:
> I'm installing Debian in my Asus ROG GL552VW laptop (Intel and
> Nvidia video cards) and the resolution (probably 3840x2160)is
> set in a way  that the font size is so small that I have to
> almost  put my face on the monitor so I can read. And the
> windows size is also larger than the monitor area, so I can't
> see the buttons. I can complete the installation either way,
> but I want to know why this is happening and how to solve
> this.
> Where I can change the screen resolution during (or before)
> install?

Good Day,

In the Grub menu, where you are prompted to choose between
Graphical install, Install, and so on, you can hit 'e' to edit
the Grub entry and prepend the line:

	set gfxpayload=keep

Then hit 'F10' to proceed to the installation.

This will conserve the resolution used by this menu, which
should be readable, contrary to the following steps.  Other
values should be possible if you want a better, still readable,

	set gfxpayload=1280x1024x32

This may answer at least the first question, hopefully.

Kind Regards,
Étienne Mollier <etienne.mollier@xxxxxxxxxx>

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