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Re: prevent apt from downgrading packages

Il 01/03/19 11:18, Alexander V. Makartsev ha scritto:

This is something you have to decide for yourself and deal with unforeseen consequences. If you actually *build* packages from
"stable" on "testing" system, using dependencies for building also
from "testing" then it should be ok compatibility wise. If you simply
*install* packages from various sources and branches then you asking
for trouble.

I'm installing from testing, except when the package was only available
in stable. I haven't seen any particular issues so far, only problems I
had were _before_ the upgrade when I had to purge a few packages and
libraries from the old "debian-multimedia" repo... after that, the
upgrade to testing went well and not a problem since.

Il 01/03/19 11:18, john doe ha scritto:> On 3/1/2019 11:07 AM, Andrea
Borgia wrote:

There are no good answers here. It is up to you, all depends on your
needs and environment.