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Can't install lightdm?

Hi, I'm on debian-testing (updated).

As far as I understand I can't install lightdm unless I update systemd
which presents 2 errors. So, what should I do?

Here are the terminal outputs (system is in Spanish, these are

$ sudo apt-get install lightdm
Reading list of packages ...
Creating dependency tree ...
Reading the status information ...
Can't install some packages. This may mean that you asked for an
impossible situation or, if you are using the unstable distribution,
that some necessary packages have not yet been created or have been
removed from "Incoming".
The following information can help resolve the situation:

The following packages have unfulfilled dependencies:
  lightdm: It depends: libpam-systemd but it will not be installed or
                     consolekit but it is not installable
  systemd: It depends: libsystemd0 (= 240-4) but 240-6 is going to be installed
            Recommend: libpam-systemd but it will not be installed
E: Error, pkgProblemResolver :: Resolve generated cuts, this may be
due to retained packets.

$ apt-listbugs list systemd
Serious failures of the systemd (→) package <Forwarded>
  b1 - # 919231 - CacheDirectory / StateDirectory does not change owner / group
Serious failures of the systemd package (→) <Fixed in some version>
  b2 - # 920018 - Memory Leak in journald? Failed to write entry (23
items, 500 bytes), ignoring: Can not allocate memory (Corrected:
systemd / 240-5)
  systemd (2 failures)

$ icewm-session
icewmbg: Can't open display: <none>. X must be running and  set.
icewm-session: icewm exited with status 1.

So, what should I do?

Right now I can start Xorg (apparently) but can't start IceWM, so, I
only have CLI.

Thanks a lot!