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Re: using swap when there is free ram

Le 01/03/2019 à 18:56, Reco a écrit :

First, there's huge amount of unused (not to be confused with "free")
memory on your host. And no, it's not a filesystem's cache (600M), it's
really "nothing there"-unused memory which amounts 1880M.

This is the amount reported in /proc/meminfo as MemFree - not MemUnused.
Can you please explain your definitions of "free" and "unused" memory ?

Taking it all into the account, I propose the following scenario - not a
long time ago there was a process (or a couple of those). Was it the
browser, or something written in Java (or Python), or some kind of
Virtual Machine - is not relevant, but it did consume RAM. But it got
terminated, and what we're seeing here is the aftermath.

Another scenario : at some point the pagecache (file cache) grew much bigger due to massive file read/write operation, then the files were deleted or the filesystem was unmounted and the file cache pages were freed.