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Re: font size printing from terminal

On 2019-02-28 18:59, mick crane wrote:
is buster
I can print from command line with
"lp filename"
but not with "lpr filename"
when printing from terminal the font is a bit big and uses too much paper.
apparently "enscript -FCourier10 filename" for example is supposed to
work but that sends it to lpr which doesn't.
Can try to get lpr to work as I have in the past or try to get
enscript to use lp
Or maybe there is another way to change printed font size from terminal ?

I'm not really understanding.
Is "lp" to do with CUPS and "lpr" to do with lpd daemon ?
I have CUPS server on other PC.

on client PC
$ lpstat -t
scheduler is running
system default destination: HP_LaserJet_4000_Series
device for HP_LaserJet_4000_Series: socket://

"lp filename" prints OK

"systemctl start lpd.service"

"lpr filename" (nothing happens)

"enscript filename"
[ 1 page * 1 copy ] sent to printer
(but nothing happens)

enscript filename | lp
[ 1 page * 1 copy ] sent to printer
lp: No file in print request.

$ enscript -d filename
lpr: test: unknown printer

$ enscript -P filename
lpr: test: unknown printer

Do I need to put some sensible values in /etc/printcap to have enscript working as at the moment /etc/printcap seems to be defining a local printer ? Or is there some way to tell any printer requests should go to CUPS server ?

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