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Re: Atril documentation problems

On Thu 28 Feb 2019 at 18:52:36 -0000, Curt wrote:

> On 2019-02-28, Brian <ad44@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > Pressing 'o' brings up the file browser here, but navigating away from the
> >> > current directory requires modifying the 'Filter', which ain't exactly
> >> > convenient in the modern sense.
> >> 
> >> That's for o, which just gives you the current directory. Try pressing O.
> >
> > Both o an O give the current directory here. The manual has nothing
> > for O.
> >
> I think it defaults to opening the last directory you were in the last
> time you pressed o (or O) or something.

I think you are correct - but only if you keep xpdf open. Close it and
it reverts to the current directory.

Anyway, I installed atril.

The OP had two "problems".

  > 1. When the keyword is found, it is highlighted(sic) in a page
  >    green foreground color. Is there any way to chose a more
  >    visible indicator?

  > 2. The find searches from the _beginning_ of the document.
  >    Is there any way to force it to begin searches at a specific

The visibility of the found item is treated by Alexander V. Makartsev.
My atril is on Xfce and altering the desktop environment theme does
indeed alter the highlight colour. The OP will come along in a while
and tell us it does the same for him.

The second point is incorrect; a misobservation? atril behaves as xpdf
does and starts at the displayed page.