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Re: [Bacula-users] systemd bacula-director.service masked

I installed Debian 10 through synaptic. I previously had a jumbled up sources.list having accidentally moved from jessie to buster so on advice from the forum I reduced the entries to two both referring to 'buster'

Synaptic uninstalled quite a few packages, and then installed OK except that Inetutils-syslogd failed. Later I set synaptic to install bacula which it did except that bacula director  failed as did bacula-services.The error logs seemed to suggest that the bacula failure was due to having no syslog facility so I got inetutils-syslogd to load by commenting out most of the entries of the configuration file, and after this bacula director and ineutils-syslogd did install. Haven't yet worked out how to replace the configuration file, although most of the log files are working

On masking, earlier on I had had trouble starting the network, as it seemed to start without the help of systemd, and when systemd tried to start it it reported a failure and as a result I would lose connectivity . So I just masked the systemd networking and networking.service  units and things worked. I guess this may be the problem if bacula-services needs them -  but I cannot live with losing connectivity every time I reboot

I have posted this reply on https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/ so you could reply there if not direct

On 28/02/2019 16:59, Sven Hartge wrote:
On 28.02.19 17:17, Hodges wrote:

When I try to start bacula in systemd I get a 'failed' message saying
unit bacula-director.service is masked

Does this matter - I guess so. What to do about it? I have just
installed bacula 9.4.2 from the debian repository into Debian 10 and am
trying to get it working again
This is definitely not normal. But you provide not enough information to
further pin-point the problem.

I know for certain that the Bacula 9.4.2 packages in Debian Sid/Testing
work out of the box, because a) I helped create them and b) I just
tested a fresh install today.

It would be interesting to know *exactly* what you did to end up in this
situation, because a package doesn't just get masked by itself.

Also since this is most likely a Debian-specific problem, it would be
better to move this discussion over to
https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/ to not overly annoy the Bacula
community with Debian talk.


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