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Re: Atril documentation problems

On 2019-02-28, Richard Owlett <rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Had problem installing via Synaptic - reported not able to find correct 
> version of some cups related files. As I don't have a printer on the 
> machine, I continued.
> Although the man page states "You can also start xpdf without opening 
> any files", there is not a *convenient* way to select a file to open 
> [requires opening a sequence of multiple dialogs].

Pressing 'o' brings up the file browser here, but navigating away from the
current directory requires modifying the 'Filter', which ain't exactly
convenient in the modern sense.

> Highlighting search string works fine. Menus and controls are much too 
> small to be acceptable.
> As Curt and Alexander agree that my highlight problem with Evince is 
> desktop &/or theme related, I will pursue that.
> Thanks.

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