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Re: fake transparency urxvt fails

On 19-02-26 22:38, dekkzz78@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> which version of compton are you using on each machine?

I don't use any compositor on any of the machines due to it being a
little too resource intensive for my taste. Maybe I misunderstood things
but according to
    Urxvt offers two types of transparency for its background:

    - A "fake" transparency, that copies the wallpaper to the 
      background of the terminal. (more exactly, the contents of Xorg's
      root window)
    - A "real" transparency, using the composite manager currently 
      running (xcompmgr, dcompmgr, compiz...) 

and I'm trying to get the "fake" transparency to work.

best regards
Jonas Hedman 

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