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Re: Atril documentation problems

On 02/27/2019 02:51 PM, Alexander V. Makartsev wrote:
On 27.02.2019 22:56, Richard Owlett wrote:
I've tried the Atril man page and F1 from inside Atril.
I've tried a DuckDuckGo search with unsatisfactory results.

I have two problems using the "find" command.

1. When the keyword is found, it is highlighted(sic) in a page green foreground color. Is there any way to chose a more visible indicator?

2. The find searches from the _beginning_ of the document.
   Is there any way to force it to begin searches at a specific page?

Is there any document that would have answered these questions.

Is there a Debian package to read a PDF using a visible means of highlighting the target text and capable of starting the search on any page of the document?


I like to use "evince".

It has the same pale green highlight.
Instead of starting search on a specific page, it brings up a clickable list of all pages on which a match occurs. That satisfies the "end goal" and may have advantages.

Thank you.