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Re: advice sought for program with GUI

On Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 08:10:41AM +0000, mick crane wrote:
> hello,
> I'm not very good at this stuff, have remembered bits here and there.
> Memory seems no so good these days.
> I've done pieces of simple calculations on 2D images in the past but
> when I go back and look at them think " now what does that do and
> what did I type to make it work".
> I'm thinking that if I do something now I should make a little GUI
> with buttons to click on that are self explanatory.
> I know nothing about that.
> Is that Gtk or ncurses or something ?
> pointers to what's needed appreciated.

There are many. For small and simple things, I *love* Tcl/Tk (which is
nicely packaged for Debian). A bit aged, but: very nice integration
of language and GUI toolkit; having been starved from developer power
for some time, its main designers were forced to take clever decisions
(which they did), and it shows.

There's also TkInter -- Tk bindings for Python. It was for some time
the "official" Python GUI

On the other end of the scala there are Gtk and Qt, with bindings to
many languages (C, Perl, Python, etc.); heavyweight, but if you are
aiming at a bigger project definitely worth considering.

Some Tk resources:

  https://tkdocs.com/tutorial/widgets.html (recommended: 4 language bindings)

As an appetizer, and to show how language and widget set integrate,
(and the canvas: ah, the wonderful Tk canvas), here's a bidirectional
analog clock in under 30 lines:


-- tomás

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