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Re: Apt Update Problem

Stephen P. Molnar wrote: 
> I am running up-to-date Stretch.
> This morning when I did 'apt update' I got:
> root@AbNormal:/home/comp# apt update
> Ign:1 http://debian.uchicago.edu/debian stretch InRelease
> Hit:2 http://debian.uchicago.edu/debian stretch-updates InRelease
> Hit:3 http://debian.uchicago.edu/debian stretch-backports InRelease
> Hit:4 http://debian.uchicago.edu/debian stretch Release
> Get:5 http://security.debian.org/debian-security stretch/updates InRelease
> [94.3 kB]
> Hit:6 https://repo.skype.com/deb stable InRelease
> Get:8 http://security.debian.org/debian-security stretch/updates/main i386
> Packages [476 kB]
> Get:9 http://security.debian.org/debian-security stretch/updates/main amd64
> Packages [474 kB]
> Get:10 http://security.debian.org/debian-security stretch/updates/contrib
> amd64 Packages [1,760 B]
> Get:11 http://security.debian.org/debian-security stretch/updates/contrib
> i386 Packages [1,764 B]
> Reading package lists... Done
> E: Release file for
> http://debian.uchicago.edu/debian/dists/stretch-updates/InRelease is expired
> (invalid since 23h 39min 42s). Updates for this repository will not be
> applied.
> E: Release file for
> http://debian.uchicago.edu/debian/dists/stretch-backports/InRelease is
> expired (invalid since 23h 39min 42s). Updates for this repository will not
> be applied.
> root@AbNormal:/home/comp#
> Google was of no help.
> What is going on here?

That particular mirror is 24 hours out of date. If you need work
done today, pick another mirror by changing your
/etc/apt/sources.list or sources.d/*

The list of mirrors is at