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Re: Can't scan new disk

David Wright writes:

On Sun 24 Feb 2019 at 12:26:25 (-0800), David Christensen wrote:
> If that does not work, make your own Debian console-only live USB
> stick -- download the latest Debian Stable installer, burn it to
> media, connect a 16+ GB USB 3.0 flash drive, wipe the flash drive,
> power down, completely disconnect all HDD's and SSD's (power and data
> cables for internal drives, USB, Firewire, etc., cables for external
> drives), leave the USB flash drive connected, boot the install media,
> start the Debian installer, install to the USB flash drive, at the
> "Choose software to install" menu select "SSH server" and "standard
> system utilities" only, finish the install, reboot into the USB flash
> drive, remove the install media, SSH in from another machine, connect
> your USB dock and disk, and trouble-shoot.

Surely there's a recipe for creating a live USB stick that doesn't
involve tearing out the guts of your PC. What does one do with a laptop?


* Do as described above but run the installer in a virtual machine
  and use passthrough for the USB stick (not tested, in case it will
  not work due to the passthrough one can think about creating an
  image inside the VM and writing it to the USB stick outside).

* Use Debian live-build (although I never got that to work yet)

* Remastersys (seems to be "Linux Respin" now... I am still using
  an old customized version of mine but newer versions are likely
  to work just as well or better?): This tool creates a live CD image
  out of a running linux system which can be a physical machine, a
  docker (or other but not tested yet :) ) container or a virtual

I realise that leaving things connected probably involves one in a
full round of backup complete with off-site storage. :)

Backup is never wrong, but I think other approaches to running the installer
on the hardware itself have the additional advantage that the rest of the
system (e-mail, webbrowsing, whatever background services one might run)
need not go offline for the duration of the installation :)


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