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Re: Can't scan new disk

On Sun 24 Feb 2019 at 12:26:25 (-0800), David Christensen wrote:
> If that does not work, make your own Debian console-only live USB
> stick -- download the latest Debian Stable installer, burn it to
> media, connect a 16+ GB USB 3.0 flash drive, wipe the flash drive,
> power down, completely disconnect all HDD's and SSD's (power and data
> cables for internal drives, USB, Firewire, etc., cables for external
> drives), leave the USB flash drive connected, boot the install media,
> start the Debian installer, install to the USB flash drive, at the
> "Choose software to install" menu select "SSH server" and "standard
> system utilities" only, finish the install, reboot into the USB flash
> drive, remove the install media, SSH in from another machine, connect
> your USB dock and disk, and trouble-shoot.

Surely there's a recipe for creating a live USB stick that doesn't
involve tearing out the guts of your PC. What does one do with a laptop?

I realise that leaving things connected probably involves one in a
full round of backup complete with off-site storage. :)