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Re: Claws mail -buster- doesn't quote text on Reply.....

	Received from Patrick on Sun, 24 Feb 2019 07:48:13 -0800 Re:
	Claws mail -buster- doesn't quote text on Reply.....
>  	Hello,
> 	Using Claws-Mail in Buster and finding when replying, the text
> 	of the message is not quoted in the reply. Also doesn't
> 	include the quoted text when dropping the menu that says
> 	"Reply with quote".
> When replying with highlighted text, it does not come up when click on
> "Reply" or "Reply with quote".
> Looked through Configuration > Preferences no end. Can't find what
> should be enabled to make it work there. Maybe looking for the
> wrong wording?
> Googled to see if I could find something about a bug in Claws-Mail,
> maybe asked the wrong way because I found nothing.
> Anyone have an idea?  

>Well, you ARE using Buster.  It's still alpha, so expect problems.
>Other than that, in Configuration -> Preferences, Compose -> Writing ->
>Replying, see if "Reply will quote by default" is checked.


Yes, I do realise I am using Buster, and good to know that it is not a
bug. I usually use testing and know the disclaimer.

Thank you for your reply and "Reply will quote by default" is checked.

Also the latest upgrade has been installed.

Just thought I may have missed something in the Preferences for some
reason, because I don't know everything. In fact know very little after
all these years of using testing. [sigh]

Thank you again for your reply.

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