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Re: OT : Windows 10 managed desktop

On 24/02/2019 14:42, John Hasler wrote:
> Celejar quotes:
>> Essentially desktop as a service (DaaS,) so MS are going to try and
>> grab more control over our desktops  If this is a good reason to
>> really push Linux, free software, choice, and user control then it
>> seems a good a reason as any.
> Unfortunately I don't think that more than a tiny minority of users will
> see this as a problem, as long as it cost them no money.  They may
> (quite erroneously) see it as relieving them of responsibility.
> deloptes writes:
>> The want more profit - cause until now you payed 100 or 150 for
>> perpetual license - now you will have to pay on monthly bases. I am
>> just wondering how they are going to handle the end user licenses -
>> are they going to make a contract with each person and get this
>> persons bank account.
> They are already getting money from the manufacturers for installing
> Windows on every machine, and most home desktops are replaced every few
> years.  If they do anything it will be charging for upgrades, but I
> don't think they will want to deal with the screams of outrage and
> threats of legislation.  Instead I think that they will move more and
> more functionality to their servers.  The OS will be pre-installed but
> useful standalone applications will not.
> However, I think that they also see the home desktop market as doomed.
> I think that their goal now is to get end users started with Office 365
> et alia on line so that when their smartphones gain enough capability
> that they decide to dump the desktop Microsoft won't lose them.
> Eventually almost all computers (including smartphones) available at
> retail will probably be essentially intelligent graphic terminals with
> firmware that can be altered only by automatic updates pushed out by the
> manufacturers.  Google is more likely to be in charge than Microsoft,
> though.
> Businesses are already being pushed into the "software as a service"
> model.  BTW that isn't new.  In the 60s and 70s one normally leased
> mainframe software.

Sorry reply was meant to go to the list.

Thanks John

So from a Debian perspective, when promoting what should we be emphasizing,

Freedom to use the software you want, and the control this gives you.  ?
On and the fact 'there is no cloud,  just someone else's computer'. If
they lose YOUR data, then they wash their hands and you end up dealing
with the consequences. 

Of course with this, it will only work when we have mobile tech that can
handle this AND there is a wide adoption of 5g I would guess,  given
there are areas with poor 3g coverage there is a long way to go, or some
groups are going to fall behind.

I use Overleaf for LaTeX document creation, the other day there was an
issue at their end, (which was fixed pretty quickly ) it just meant I
could not work online, so just dropped to a locally installed LaTeX
editor, then uploaded my work.

Kind of highlights the more we rely on the cloud the more at risk we are
if something happens that cuts us off, and we have no backup strategy
and I am doing this at home and the document wasn't critical at that time.


Paul Sutton
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