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Re: OT : Windows 10 managed desktop

Celejar wrote:

>> Hi
>> Sorry if this this is off topic, but this is something that as a free
>> software we can perhaps take advantage of.
>> Just had this posted to my local Linux user group irc channel
>> Granted it seems to be dated July 2018 though
>> Essentially desktop as a service (DaaS,) so MS are going to try and grab
>> more control over our desktops  If this is a good reason to really push
>> Linux, free software, choice, and user control then it seems a good a
>> reason as any.
>> Just thought I would post, so people are aware and we can gather
>> comments on how we can really counter this otherwise it will just happen,
> ...
>> Not sure how we can counter all of this.  The advocacy teams have their
>> work cut out here.
> I'm not sure I follow - what's there to counter? Nothing in this plan
> of Microsoft impacts our ability to run Linux, and it seems to be
> relevant only to those who want to run Windows but still want more
> control over their systems.

I see another Che Guevara here :)

The want more profit - cause until now you payed 100 or 150 for perpetual
license - now you will have to pay on monthly bases. I am just wondering
how they are going to handle the end user licenses - are they going to make
a contract with each person and get this persons bank account.