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Re: Swapping Drives - Sanity Check

Le 23/02/2019 à 23:13, David Christensen a écrit :
On 2/23/19 4:53 AM, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
Le 23/02/2019 à 08:53, David Christensen a écrit :

As other readers have noted, using UUID's for the fstab first field (fs_spec) is okay.  Newer Linux kernels offer more meaningful options, such as GPT labels and drive make/ model/ serial number (ID) strings.

AFAIK, these options have nothing to do with the kernel. They are provided by libblkid. (...)

Okay.  (I should have said "Newer Linux distributions".  And yes, those features were added a while ago.)

/dev/disk/by-part{uuid,label} and the ability to use PARTUUID and PARTLABEL in /etc/fstab were added in Debian Jessie. /dev/disk/by-id is older, maybe as old as /dev/disk/by-{uuid,label}.