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Re: Debian Sid updates

On 2/23/19 12:22 PM, John Hasler wrote:
Good advice from Roberto.  Also, I run Sid but do *not* upgrade
frequently.  Works fine.  I just keep an eye on on the development and
security lists so that I know when it is safe and/or prudent to upgrade.
Blindly "tracking" Sid can get you in trouble.

I have been following Sid for 3 or 4 years and can onl think of
a couple of time it "broke" badly and even then this list was
a $Diety-send.

 Don't forget that
packages (including new versions of packages you already have installed)
can be uploaded to Sid without all their dependencies being satisfied.

When I do upgrade I do "apt-get upgrade", look over what got held back
and why, and then decide whether or not to do "apt-get full-upgrade".

I used to use apt-get all the time and from this list took the suggestion that plain "apt" was a better choice. I don't recall why.
Before apt-get I used aptitude in the cli. Wish I could get
definitive answers. Although they don't seem to differ a lot
in execution. Actually a couple of times Synaptic dug me out of
trouble when the others couldn't.

Frank McCormick