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Re: python3.7 disfunctional (was: argparse missing from libpython3.7-stdlib ?) NOW SOLVED

Frank Miles wrote:
> I posted a similar query on the python newsgroup - and Chris Angelico 
> provided a good diagnostic method and correctly speculated about the
> source of the problem.
> What had happened some time ago was I'd introduced a python3 enum system,
> which happened to reside at /usr/local/python3.7/dist-packages.  This was
> earlier in the path than the proper enum module, so got imported rather
> than the one in /usr/lib/python3.7/ .  Renaming things to get it out of
> the way has restored the proper import, allowing python3 to work normally.

  i'm glad that worked out, because my Debian Testing
system Python3 is working as expected so i would have
suggested clearing all local caches and any modules
you've installed.

  and if you are making such changes in the future it
really helps to isolate your working and local system
from the base Debian packages by using an environment.
that way you can wipe it and go back to base system
modules quickly if there are issues.

  songbird  (a python newbie