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Re: Swapping Drives - Sanity Check

Stephen P. Molnar composed on 2019-02-22 11:36 (UTC-0500):
> # <file system> <mount point>   <type> <options>       <dump>  <pass>
> UUID=900b5f0b-4f3d-4a64-8c91-29aee4c6fd07 /sdb1 ext4 errors=remount-ro  0       1
> UUID=d65867da-c658-4e35-928c-9dd2d6dd5742 /sdc1 ext4 errors=remount-ro  0       1
> UUID=007c1f16-34a4-438c-9d15-e3df601649ba /sdc2 ext4 errors=remount-ro  0       1
> Obviously, I'm missing something!

Sections of man fstab I suggest for reading (from Buster's version):
1-"The first field", third paragraph. (file system)
2-The example that preceeds "The first field"
3-"The sixth field" (pass)
4-"The fourth field" (mount options)

I've never tried including non-root filesystems in pass 1, so don't know what trouble
might result. Changing those three from 1 to 2 might be a good place to start.

I highly recommend assigning labels to filesystems, and assigning those labels based
upon expected usage and/or mount points and/or drive model. When this is done, fstab
can be much easier to understand, and when necessary, manage. Example:

LABEL=P01M120ESP 	/boot/efi	vfat	codepage=437	0 0
LABEL=p02m120swap		swap	swap	defaults	0 0
LABEL=p03m120res	/data/res	ext2	noatime,nofail	0 0
LABEL=p04m120usrlcl	/usr/local	ext4	noatime		0 2
LABEL=p05m120home	/home		ext4	noatime		0 2
LABEL=p06m120deb09	/data/stretch	ext4	noatime,nofail	0 0
LABEL=p07m120deb10		/	ext4	noatime,errors=remount-ro 0 1
LABEL=tosh06g-videos	/data/videos	ext4	noatime,nofail	0 0
LABEL=mblak02g-misc	/data/misc	ext4	noatime,nofail	0 0
LABEL=st500-01arch	/data/arch	ext4	noatime,noauto	0 0
LABEL=adata16g		/data/music	vfat	codepage=437,noauto 0 0
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