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Simplified -- Re: Quick pointer please? Installing Intel wireless, post OS installation

Simplified query:

After installing Debian 9.7, without Networking, and without an Ethernet connection,

how does one go about installing Intel Wireless (with the non-free bits available on a USB drive)?


On 2/21/2019 7:21 PM, deb wrote:

On 2/21/2019 7:12 PM, deb wrote:

So, I punched on to install Debian 9.7 onto the Intel NUC


bypassing the wireless part, as I was still stuck on it asking for iwlwifi-8265-26.ucode, iwlwifi-8265-25.ucode, iwlwifi-8265-24.ucode,  iwlwifi-8265-23.ucode

in the networking section. (Those .ucode files do not exist as far as we've seen).

So I have a running Debian now, but no internet connection either.

(No immediate Ethernet access).

If I now want to attempt the Intel wireless setup/install,

using the iwlwifi-8265-22.ucode that it also asked for

where do I do this at | from?

Any starter pointers?


*Is it just do this?*

*| then install the **|firmware-iwlwifi|**package using your favorite package management utility, then reboot and the driver should be auto-loaded and ready for use.*

found here


... and I'll have the iwlwifi-8265-22.ucode and iwlwifi-8265-21.ucode in a /lib/firmware folder on a USB drive to pull from, whilst synaptics-ing.