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Re: Running Debian on an AMD Ryzen system

On Fri, 22 Feb 2019 07:20:52 +1100
"Sam Varghese" <sam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I would value feedback from anyone on this list who has been running
> Debian on an AMD Ryzen system. I have gone back through list posts for a
> year and cannot find anything on this subject.
> I am running the testing stream and am looking to upgrade a 10-year-old PC
> which I use for work. Having had good experiences with AMD processors in
> the past - my current box has a K6-2 chip - I would prefer to go with a
> processor from the same company.
> If anyone does respond, could you please copy me in? I am not subscribed
> to the list.

I did a lot of research before replacing my 12 year old Phenom II x4
desktop system with a Ryzen 5 1600 one.  All the advice given you so
far is good.  However, if you're using Stretch, my research said to
upgrade to the 4.18 kernel in stretch-backports which has code that
supports the Ryzen non-apu chip. Buster is supposed to be 100% Ryzen
compatible with non and apu versions.  It's also supposed to support
Seureboot. But it's still in alpha and at least six months from Stable
release.  So I would avoid it for now.

If you need Stretch to work with apu Ryzen chips, there are various
 "fixes," but they all involve a few pulling files from Buster's repos.

Now that I've received all the parts, I'll let you know how my Ryzen
build works since I'm transfering the System drive from my old system
which is 100% MBR (old motherboard doesn't support uefi) as I don't
want to reinstall Stretch or convert the drive to uefi.  New
motherboard does have Legacy support.  So, I should be okay as long as
I set the BIOS correctly.