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Re: Swapping Drives - Sanity Check

Stephen P. Molnar wrote:

> My Debian Stretch system has three HD's. I want to remove one of the 
> HD's (not sda) and replace it with a new HD..
> What I need to be sure of is, if I remove the old drive from the fstab 
> and delete the mount point will the system boot after I put in the new 
> HD. so that I can edit the fstab and create a mount point for the new 
> drive?
> Hence, the request for the sanity check.

  as long as you don't have anything on the
current one that is being used by the system
it should be ok.

  for the short term, just to make sure you
don't have to track the stuff down again you
can just comment the lines out in the fstab
but leave them there until you are sure things
are ok.