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Re: What to do about spam in debian-user [was: Your Password Reset Link from CorrLinks]

On Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 08:36:06AM -0000, Curt wrote:


> Whoever came up with the idea of calling the redirection of a message a
> bounce, when the term was already in use for 'Return to sender/Address
> unknown/No such number/No such zone' (hi Elvis!) should be sent to bed
> with no dessert. 

I can see how that happened: bounce is just a special case of
redirection, and using the special case to mean the general /is/
a recurring (human) language pattern, after all.

Perhaps that's how it happened in MUAs. First there was just a
lever "bounce" -- then, programmers, as they tend to be thought
"hey, we can make this much more useful if we let the user enter
the address to 'bounce to'" and *poof* you got mess :-)

But you're right -- in technical realms this tends to cause some

-- t

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