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Re: What to do about spam in debian-user [was: Your Password Reset Link from CorrLinks]

On 2019-02-21, Celejar <celejar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> And as far as I know, fetchmail has no ability/facility to bounce a 
>> message. Fetchmail-6.3.26 IIRC. Locally built from tarball.
> 'Bouncing' a message is typically done by a MUA (Kmail, in your case),
> not the MDA (fetchmail, in your case). Other MUAs besides mutt/neomutt
> do have 'bounce' options (although they may not always be called that),
> e.g., in Sylpheed, it's Message -> Redirect.
> Celejar

Whoever came up with the idea of calling the redirection of a message a
bounce, when the term was already in use for 'Return to sender/Address
unknown/No such number/No such zone' (hi Elvis!) should be sent to bed
with no dessert.