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Re: Running Debian on an AMD Ryzen system

On 22/02/2019 03:50, Étienne Mollier wrote:
Sam Varghese wrote:
I have seen some older reports about kernel issues and crashes. Hence my

Good Day,

You were probably referring to CPU idle states bugs appearing
under certain circumstances.

I have been confronted to an AMD Ryzen machine a few months ago,
on which processor C-states had to be disabled in UEFI config,
meaning increased energy consumption when idling.  The problem
was similar to the one described on Chris's wiki:


It has been a while since the last time I checked those AGESA
updates for the motherboard, and am not sure if the problem
would still hold true with latest kernel/firmware upgrades/etc

Kind Regards,

Hi, I bought ryzen CPUs from the very first weeks they were available in Europe, the first batch I got were all defective, the 1700s would hang anytime they were left idling without disabling C6 management in bios. The 1800Xs were also exhibiting this bug, but with a second one on top under heavy compilation load, GCC would throw random errors and the compilation would fail. There was various workarounds that allowed me to use the CPUs while progressively returning them to the manufacturer for exchange. All affected CPUs were made during the very first weeks of manufacturing, after that AMD fixed the problem and all newer chips were fine. I currently have a mix of ryzen 5s, a few 1700 and 1800X left that are not affected by any bugs and run perfectly, and newer 2xxx second gen CPUs that I never had any problem with.

Unless you buy second hand from unscrupulous people or get a dusty batch or first week first gen chips, you will not be affected by those problems. In any case AMD did their part and the RMA process after confirming the problem with them was good.

I have no experience with their integrated graphics, I use discrete Radeon GPUs, but for the CPU part I am really happy with the cost/performance ratio. Especially for 3D modeling/rendering and video they work great, software compilation is one of their strong point too, anything heavily multi-threaded really.

My two sons play on ryzens too and they don't complain, associated with a decent GPU they run common "big" titles on Steam Linux or standalone. Again the cost/performance ratio seems very good to me.

Look at the motherboards you could be interested in too and chipset features, it's important to consider full system price rather than just CPU.

Hope it helps.