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Re: Running Debian on an AMD Ryzen system

Sam Varghese composed on 2019-02-22 07:20 (UTC+1100):

> I would value feedback from anyone on this list who has been running
> Debian on an AMD Ryzen system. I have gone back through list posts for a
> year and cannot find anything on this subject.

(IMO, as one who has not purchased any new AMD products in over a decade)

Debian is a Gnu/Linux distribution. Distributions package FOSS software created by loads of
upstream projects. Thus, limiting your search to Debian (or this support list) risks missing
problems that Debian users simply haven't reported but might be discovered without the limiting
search terms.

It is common knowledge that buying hardware that is younger than 6-9 months before a stable
distribution's release is fraught with various dangers to those wishing simply to get work done
with a new PC. It takes time for FOSS development to catch up with new hardware.

"Ryzen" was initially released roughly 4 months before the original release of current Debian
Stable (9.0, Stretch) in June 2017, which translated to a fairly high prospect of various types of
missing functionality or defects in support of Ryzen products. Stable releases are primarily
subject to defect repairs, not feature (support) additions. The dot releases that follow the
original 9.0 do violate that general principle only to some extent.

Ryzen is a family name comprised of several generations. Since initial Ryzen release there have
been at least 3 newer generations. Effectively, "Ryzen" as a generic term is newer than Stable.
Thus, careful shopping is warranted to ensure you aren't buying hardware that won't be adequately
supported at time of purchase.

Having seen numerous complaints recently about latest "Ryzen" products in various forums, I highly
recommend digesting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryzen or equivalent before searching using Debian
as a limiting term, else your choice may force you to use Testing/Buster or some other more recent
distribution instead of Stable/Stretch.
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