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Re: Running Debian on an AMD Ryzen system

On Fri, February 22, 2019 8:11 am, Dan Ritter wrote:
> Sam Varghese wrote:

>> I have seen some older reports about kernel issues and crashes. Hence my
>> concern.
> I haven't seen any while running Stretch or later.

>> I presume that the built-in graphics system can be disabled from the
>> (or UEFI) and a stock standard graphics card used instead. Would I be
>> correct in assuming that?

> For desktops, yes. My son is using a Ryzen 2300U laptop, and the
> stretch-backports amdgpu X11 system works well for him. His last
> remaining issue is that the touchscreen isn't working, which is
> not a Ryzen issue.
> Ryzen (and ThreadRipper)_chips without a G or U suffix have no
> built-in graphics anyway, so it's not an issue unless you're
> buying one of those.

Thanks a lot for your input, Dan. Much appreciated.