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Re: Your Password Reset Link from CorrLinks

On 2/21/19, 8:27 AM, tomas@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Never received bounce spam aka backscatter spam? Remember that time
(perhaps 1-2 years ago) where this very list was plagued by an
especially evil form of backscatter involving the useful idiot at
the other end of some smartphone?

No question, I've definitely received it. Just as I've received phone calls from victims of phone-spam with same-prefix caller-ID spoofing (given that I know for a fact that there is nobody with the same prefix as my cell phone who has any business calling me on it, I treat all calls with my own prefix as either phone spam or attempts to call a spammer who spoofed my number).

But even when I had an ISP whose server-side spam filter allowed bouncing as an option, I used that option only when it was obvious the sender address was not spoofed.