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Message exchange systems (was: What to do about spam in debian-user [was: Your Password Reset Link from CorrLinks])

> Sorry for being so clear, but I feel strongly about mail: it's the last
> means of communication left where I have the choice of client software,

Mostly true.  It does suffer from a terrible design w.r.t encryption, tho.

The other existing mediums (with a choice of clients) I'm aware of are
XMPP and Matrix.

XMPP has many more clients than Matrix, but has the downside that it was
designed for instant messages where delivery either happens "immediately"
or not at all, so it's not a great choice as a replacement for email
(although IIUC they have designed various patches on top of the design to
try and provide more-or-less reliable delivery even is some of the
machines along the way are or go offline at an inopportune moment).

I use Matrix on my phone (i.e. to exchange brief messages and pictures),
but not (yet) for email-like communications (where I need a real