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Re: lost dig

On Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 12:10:15PM +0100, tony wrote:
> In my fiddling with DNS, I installed (as su) a python package from pypi
> called 'dig'. It turned out to not be what I expected, so I abandoned it.
> However, now when I enter 'dig' on the command line, it runs this python
> thing. So I uninstalled dig from python, using 'pip3 uninstall dig'.
> That seemed to work fine, but now when I type 'dig' at the terminal, I
> get bash: /usr/local/bin/dig: No such file or directory. Well, that's OK
> because dig - the proper one - is at /usr/bin/dig.
> 'which dig' gives me '/usr/bin/dig/
> So, how do I now get the alias (if that's what it is) to point at the
> right file?
> Thanks, Tony

Try hash -d dig.

Bash keeps a list of where executed commands are so it doesn't have to
look them every time.

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