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Re: Looking for advise to replacy Pan newsreader

* On 2019 17 Feb 03:10 -0600, tomas@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 09:04:56AM +0000, Paul Sutton wrote:
> [...]
> > Would be interested in what people are using for NNTP services, as there
> > are not as many out there now,  probably lots of newsgroups but less
> > ISPs offering this as a service.
>   https://www.eternal-september.org/
> As far as an NNTP client is concerned... gnus, of course.

How can it be configured to show all headers both read and unread even
after leaving and coming back to a group?  This is my gripe about most
newsreaders where the default is trim the headers list aggressively.

The news server I used in the past was news.aioe.org and it is still

I just installed Pan on Buster and it picked up where I'd left off well
over a year and a half ago.  I did adjust the body and monospace fonts
to Hack regular and other than the preferences dialog being spread
across 1.5 of my two screens and not responding to resizing, I don't see
it failing in a 30 second test.

- Nate


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