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Re: Looking for advise to replacy Pan newsreader

On 17/02/2019 04:05, Juan R. de Silva wrote:
> Pan newsreader,which I used happily for several years, lately get buggy 
> as hell and cannot be used any longer at all.
> I tried Thunderbird from Debian repo and found that the pure thing is not 
> capable to keep a uniform font size through all posts. That is, the font 
> size changes as soon as I try to advance either to a next post or to another 
> group. 
> Can your share with me what do you use for newsgroups reading. I do not care 
> about binaries. All I want to follow several Linux usenet newsgroups. Plain 
> text reading.
> Thanks
Would be interested in what people are using for NNTP services, as there
are not as many out there now,  probably lots of newsgroups but less
ISPs offering this as a service.



Paul Sutton
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