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eric Python IDE minor warnings

I'm running unstable; don't know much about python or eric (an IDE for python), just enough to maybe do a "Hello, World" or copy/paste something a little bigger.

I did (IIRC):

aptitude upgrade
aptitude full-upgrade
aptitude install eric
aptitude install python-tk

I think all is basically working, but when I start eric, I get two warnings:

In the upper-right corner the "Code Info Provider" field is set to disabled with a pink box beneath that says "No source code documentation provider has been registered. This function has been disabled."

and the center lower pane says:
"Warning: translation file 'git_en_US' could not be loaded.

Using default."

Not show-stoppers, but I'd like to clear out these warnings and don't know how to do so. Any help would be appreciated.


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