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web problem

Buster, Firefox 60.5.0esr, T1 connection

It seems...

...that the SSL/TLS handshake is taking too long -- at most sites.
Google, Debian, Cisco, Amazon and some others work fine. DuckDuckGo does
not. The Python docs at New Mexico Tech doesn't.

SMTP and SSH bidirectional and FTP from my server are OK.

Firefox, and other browsers, time out.

The web server in the next room is great on http, but there's a home
made cert for https, and Firefox times out trying to get to the https at
Mozilla so I can tell it it's OK. So I can't check my site's SSL handshake.

When I ping something (default 1 sec TTL) for a long time on the T1,
there are a few 'holes.' I've never seen that before. Traceroute also
has holes, but that's to be expected, and it finishes eventually.

'telnet <host> 25|80|443' seems to be OK. So does a reasonable ping.

The T1 has been solid as a rock for years. It happens with all the boxes
around the apartment. When I use one of the WiFi nets (2) here, they
work fine.

It's just that SSL handshake. It's possible that there are holes in the
TCP (I assume) handshake?

Anybody experienced this? Or know what I can do about it?

Glenn English