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Reporting success info and a bug against a help request from Bits From Debian


answering to the following:

Help test initial support for Secure Boot, Bits from Debian, Sat 02 Feb 2019


I had success on my Asus Vivobook E200HA. I tested the Secure Boot enabled with both the installed system, Debian Buster/Unstable, and with Buster Installer weekly build dated 11.2.2019.

Some minor (I think) quirks encountered

* the detailed instructions told to use up-to-date Unstable, but hit the bug below and used instead shim-signed from Buster


* mokutil asked for password, but after complained with two messages about failed authorization * despite proceeded in stage 2 as instructed, BIOS/SB firmware did not ask for the given passwords * again despite of the above I went ahead, enabled Secure Boot and were able to boot the system SB enabled
* mokutil confirmed Secure Boot enabled in the installed system
* did boot the Vivobook with the weekly installer from USB key to rescue mode, had couple trials to get the SB state, what failed with the following:

~ # /target/usr/bin/mokutil --sb-state
Failed to read SecureBoot

A bug report against the help request

Please include either link to a web page or a paragraph detailing where and how (you) devs want to receive these reports to. I think this important as wider community (may include non-devs, if not told to concern only devs) is asked for testing. I, for one, am not that familiar with all the fine methods Debian project has in place to report the requested information. I'm aware of reportbug utility (once or twice have used it). Did check bugs for shim-signed. Still in this case I was puzzled, how and where to report (shim-signed, shim, installer or what?). As a last resort I chose this list as told to here:


Hope this info gets from here to where it may be needed, or, possibly, this message gets a long tail of reports from others keen on testing and getting SB as rock solid as it can get.

Best regards,

(Please include my email address, if my attention is further needed, as currently haven't subscribed the list.)